Lilla Hotellet




The background of Lilla Hotellet

The building was put up just before the turn of the century, 1889 by the Chief of Customs, August Forsberg. In 1888 a great part of Sundsvall was burnt to the ground by a giant fire. After the fire there were long and thorough discussions about how the reconstruction of the city would go about. The City Council decided that they would only allow houses made out of stone to be built, that’s why the centre of Sundsvall is called Stenstaden, (The city of stone). Today Sundsvall is a magnificent neo-Renaissance town with richly ornamented buildings.

Lilla Hotellet is classified as historically significant building. That means that the building has been classified as a historical monument to be preserved for the future.

All the rooms have been carefully restored several times to preserve the genuinely Swedish tradition and atmosphere.

With this said:
Heartily welcome to Lilla Hotellet in Sundsvall, a comfortable and cozy hotel inspired by history in a modern shape.